Silhouette Worth

Silhouette Worth

To Bryckelle, my beautiful daughter who wrestles with depression and worth…


Pray tell my value.

Speak now my worth.

For by what tool to measure?

What honor must you possess

Given you authority to assess?

Shall I be authenticated by potential?

Skill, talent, beauty, genealogy or gender?

Is it dress, color, education, or even geological location?

Possibly, the mold that I must muster,

Maybe in your eyes is even theological?


If I appear beneath your caliber

May I be so bold to tell

I need not your meager approval

Frankly spoken, I may insist

You, yourself may be amiss.


Reflections back from what I see.

Is the perfect Silhouette, My God to me.

Again, I ask, pray tell my value?

Speak now my worth.

comprehension immeasurable but by God alone,

perfection upon creation is surely shown.

Dennis Webber 2017

I wrote this to my beautiful daughter last year. She struggles, as most young teenage girls to find purpose, value, understanding, and self-worth. Sometimes we try to be “better”. Our souls are fixed with God. God doesn’t make mistakes. God created us individually on purpose. No accident happened upon our unique creation. So why do our critics in life look down on us? I have no idea. But what I do know and what I attempted to portray in this little poem is how God looks at us. The picture of the chess pawn looking in the mirror and seeing a King. Yes, indeed a King through the eyes of our Savior. When we get down, remember our worth. Remember our value through the eyes of our almighty God.


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