Rules of Life.

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I wrote this letter to all of my children a few months ago. I heard a lot of these things years ago while I was listening to The Glenn Beck Show. I wrote them down then thinking that some of these little truths would come in handy one day.

I was thumbing through one of my “Nugget Books” the other day. Oh…my “Nugget Books”. Maybe I ought to explain what my nuggets are.

I have a few three ring binders that I have kept what I call “my little nuggets”. I actually have two nugget locations. One is in my bible. I love my bible. My bible is one of the most precious things I own. Of course, the bible should be considered sacred and treasured, but I’ve spent many years studying it and I’ve marked up literally every page with notes and  personal thoughts. It has been both a link to my testimony of my Savior and kind-of a journal that  I’ve kept throughout my life.

So, my nuggets are kept in the front pocket of the bible caring case. A pouch full of pictures with my life moments that are precious to me. I’ve got pictures of all my children when they were young, vacations, dates with my wife and so on. I also added to this pictures of bad memories that are part of the design of who I am. Life isn’t just the good stuff. My nuggets are mostly filled with my immediate family stuff or events that shaped my life. Some of the “shaping of my life” stuff are my struggles and difficulties. Some of my nuggets are the difficult times in my life that have had great influence in graphing the road in which I traveled.

I guess the best way to describe me would be simply to take these nuggets and read through them one by one and live my life as things took place. I have kept these nuggets as a journal per say. My wife, Misty, does scrap books, and I keep my nuggets. My nuggets are kept as truthful actual documents, letters, and photos and notes of how I felt or what I learned from experiences in which happened in my life.

Okay, there you go. A whole page of mumbo-gumbo to explain what my nugget’s are. Now to the point of this letter. Years ago, Glenn Beck read a letter on his talk radio show about life lessons and truths to live by. As I listened, I kept notes. I want to be clear, that some of these came from the wisdom of others and I have added some of my own. I wrote a letter to all of my children a few months ago and listed these to them as nuggets to live by. This is what I wrote:

In this letter I’m writing you I’m adding my personal beliefs and values. I took the time to really reach into my soul and define what it is that I really believe. These values could be accurately described as my “Value Nuggets”. Possibly, you will be able to find value in this letter and save this in an important location of your own. Maybe you will find this someday unexpectedly and reread it or share it to someone you care about.

What I believe….

  1. Relish in your differences among your peers rather than trying to be like others. Just know who you are. Don’t pretend to be like the bunch; even the majority. Even if you stand alone. It’s okay to be different; just be right. Stand for something. Stand for yourself.
  2. Be consistent. Stand strong. Don’t be easily swayed. Don’t follow…be the leader.
  3. The worst thing in life you can do is dishonor yourself or your family and then go on living a life without setting it straight.
  4. Marry for love. Marry for laughs, but most importantly, marry with God. Life’s storms are too strong to withstand on your own.
  5. Wealth and fame are an illusion.
  6. The only times I’ve truly been miserable is when I was lying to myself and others.
  7. Alcohol and drugs make life easier for a very short time and then they destroy. Truly destroy everything!
  8. There is no experience that is “bad”. Experience just “is”. It’s what you do with that experience or how you use it. Will it shape your life for the better and help you become a stronger person? Or will you allow those experiences to smother and destroy you? It’s ultimately your choice on how you will be defined.
  9. Find your eternal purpose. Nobody was born by mistake. Never for a moment believe God makes mistakes. Never! Discover what your purpose is. Possibly this is done through prayer. Ask God what your purpose is and don’t quit asking until He answers. Be satisfied by His answer. Don’t anticipate yours.
  10. Always carry a picture of somebody you admire. (Nugget).
  11. Don’t let life wash over you wave after wave. You are NOT a rock!! Learn from these waves. Learn from the currents. Choose to sail. Don’t sink. SWIM.
  12. “I am that I am” is the most important phrase in any language, as it is the name of God. NEVER us it in vain. Use it to create who you want to be. “I am…blank. But, know if you don’t fill that blank in, someone else will. You can ignore it, but if you do, it will be filled in by others or just life. There will always be many who will try to fill that blank in but only you can fill it in and be happy.
  13. The Lord lives and He is present. He loves you personally and He’s always there to help. But… we have to train ourselves to hear it. We have to develop  and use our faith. (This is personal. This is done on our inside. Our souls. Our spiritual self). And exercise this faith. It is like a muscle. The more we use it the louder He becomes.
  14. Serve Him in all things. Stand where He asks you to stand, for you have a purpose. Your job is just to remember who you are. Remember what you agreed upon.
  15. We are meant to be happy, but remember, “no pain, no gain”. Life is hard, then it gets harder. Yes, harder! Then we die! But, every single second is worth it.
  16. Always say what you mean to say.
  17. Turn the other cheek and always forgive. But don’t forget so much that you put yourself in the same situation.
  18. Make these things true because you know they are true. “Know what you know!”. Seriously, write it down. Write…”this is what I know is true…” . Make a list. How hard is it to actually write down the things that you “know” are true. It is amazing how much we pretend to believe. Know what you know. Be confident in what you know to be true. Know what you believe in. Write it down. Not knowing what you believe in makes you weak. Period.
  19. You have everything you need to be happy. Be satisfied.
  20. Freedom. Rights are given to man through God. They are His. Protect them. You are the guardian. Hand them down to your children.
  21. You are never alone and there is never trouble that is beyond help.
  22. Refined manner, gentleness, meekness, and kindness will be the currency of any value. Stuff doesn’t matter. Deposit everyday virtues that ensure a great future and legacy.
  23. Forgiveness is divine. The atonement of Christ is real. You are worthy! Hell is also real and for eternity of regret not being able to forgive yourself. We all make mistakes. Big ones. Christ is your only Advocate. Trust Him. Forgive yourself.
  24. People are good. For the most part, they want to do the right thing. Give them an opportunity. However, be wise!
  25. It’s never wrong to do the right thing. (Use this in tough decisions).
  26. Learn to love others that you don’t know or really don’t like. This is possible, but takes a leap of faith and patience.
  27. Read the bible as much as you can. For some reason this is a difficult task to start. Maybe a pride thing? If you cannot seem to do this on your own, find a study group or church. The bible is your life map. The bible is alive today. God does speak to you through it. (This may seem ridiculous to a non-believer. This is true. Please, try it before dismissing it).
  28. There are no coincidences in life.
  29. Learn, laugh, and love.
  30. Pray on your knees. God is watching. If you need God to take you seriously, Take Him seriously.
  31. How big is your God? Is he a tiny god with limitations or a Almighty, Magnificent, all knowing God? If you believe in a tiny god, then don’t expect big miracles. If you believe in One Almighty God, then He makes everything possible and beyond wonders.
  32. To whom much is given, much is required. Remember this. You have been given the world and beyond.
  33. Only date those that love you as much as your parents. Only date who will treat you as we have tried.
  34. Never want anything to much. You’ll always end up paying too high a price one way or another.
  35. Life goes by way too fast.
  36. There is order in all things. There is wrong and there is right. You know the difference.
  37. Live like you know God is watching. Know that He is.
  38. What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
  39. The hardest thing to do is to admit failure and weakness. Only the very strong do this.
  40. Financial integrity has a lot to do with character. The smartest thing to do is avoid debt. Failing that, pay your debt on time. Honor your agreements. Honesty in all your dealings is a must. Quickly, you can ruin your reputation simply by not honoring your debt obligations. Proving you character often requires an evaluation of your debt payment history.
  41. Your parents love you and your Heavenly Father loves you.
  42. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. As long as we have today, it’s never too late.
  43. Question everything with boldness. Challenge everything. However, do this with wisdom and not arrogance. This takes practice and skill. Your wisdom will come from properly place questions, searching in right places, and practicing moral behaviors. Thus, gaining experiences from your own failures. Know that the educated of this time are growing arrogant  is self-worth and self-worship. This arrogance leads to darkness.
  44. Respect others. Even if….it doesn’t matter. Respect them anyway.
  45. More importantly, don’t forget to respect yourself.

Well, what do you think? Anything here of value? Anything here that you agree with?

I want you all to know that all of these little “nuggets” I believe. I once was in a a dark place in my life. I was told by a wise person to write down the things that I truly believed in. I tried. I found that I couldn’t write down anything. To me, that moment was a life changing time. I was tired of wondering through life with no purpose or direction. I wanted to believe in something. So off I went with desire to find something to believe in. The future was mine to define.

These “nuggets” are earned. Please know that to know these things takes effort. Yes, they’re fun to read and sound really smart. Take no short cuts in life. If you really need to find substance and meaning in life, don’t think these values are coming in the mail someday. Life is a serious matter. You were born with a divine purpose. The only way you can really believe in things worth believing in are to search. Search with purpose and search with locating the conclusion.

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